Waz Warpt
New Hampshire's Best Kept Rock & Roll Secret

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Waz Warpt = Best Heavy Metal Band

Recent studies have concluded that Waz Warpt is the best rock band in New England. Though they have not yet played all of New England, they're first on a course to play all of New Hampshire and have already ventured into other parts of New England. It has thus far been kept a secret that, for the past few years, the most prolific search engines have consistently recognized that Waz Warpt is the best heavy metal band in New Hampshire.

Synergetic heavy metal rock power trio Waz Warpt of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire exemplifies a unique, freeform style rock and roll sound that will leave you thirsting for more of their original, heavy groove. A live Waz Warpt setlist is comprised of heavy rock originals with an eclectic mix of hard rock covers in a diverse range from classic rock favorites Shocking Blues' Venus and The Beatles' Helter Skelter to heavier new rock classics such as Tool's Sober and Remedy from hard rock power trio Seether.

Waz Warpt combines the relentless metal energy of Disturbed with the constant percussive rhythm of Godsmack, heavy out front bass of Primus and screaming heavy metal vocals of Judas Priest to leave you shaking from within and begging for more. Incorporating a distinguished musical sound with the classically stimulating Rock and Roll lyrics of the Beatles and as incomparably complex a character as Frank Zappa, Waz Warpt is uniquely categorized in a genre of rock music style reminiscent of Led Zeppelin yet still on a par with no other heavy metal rock band but Waz Warpt.

Despite the fact that Waz Warpt is ultimately modeled after nothing but their own unique style, Waz Warpt is also heavily influenced by a diversified selection of heavy metal and hard rock bands including Mötley Crüe, Black Sabbath, Tool, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Mudvayne, a variety of hair bands and Billy Joel.. not necessarily in that order.

With deep roots firmly established in rock & roll history, driven by pure adrenaline and fueled by wild ambition, their respective solos combine with an extremely tight sound, introspective themes and an energetic performance that's sure to bring you an unforgettable experience that will keep you reeling long after the show ends.

Waz Warpt is:

Waz Warpt is Bill Stockton, Zach Smith, Andy Stockton

Bill Stockton - Guitar, Vocals
Andy Stockton - PercussionZach Smith - Bass Guitar

Waz Warpt - The last word in heavy metal rock music